Eleven Point River Quick Fishing Guide
Section Daily Limit Possession Limit Size Limit Targeted Fish
Thomasville to Border
Thomasville to border
Greer to Turners Mill
Turners Mill to Hwy. 160
Hwy. 160 to border
15 fish
6 fish*
1 fish
4 fish
4 fish
12 fish
8 fish
8 fish
8 fish
8" min.
15" min.
18" min.
No min.
18" min.
Goggle Eye
Black Bass***
Rainbow Trout**
Rainbow Trout
The Black Bass family includes the Smallmouth, Largemouth and Spotted (Kentucky) Bass.
*No more than one of the 6 may be a Smallmouth Bass.
**Flies and artificial lures only along this stretch. Synthetic eggs and soft plastic lures are specifically prohibited.
***Season 5-24-14 to 2-28-15.