Make A Kubb Set

KingKubbsBatons - Dowels
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1106 4
4x4x16 in.3x3x8 in.1.75"x12" 0.5x12 in.

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Pictured in the table above are the four types of wooden pieces you will need to play Kubb. Kubb is played with one king, ten kubbs, six throwing batons ( dowels ) and four markers.

Some Tips, Before You Get Started

  • Use a hard wood. The kubbs and batons ( dowels ) get knocked around a lot.
  • Use sandpaper to smooth the edges. This will help prevent splinters.
  • Coat the pieces with enamel to help ensure long term usage.
  • Paint can make your new kubb set more attractive and fun.
  • A burlap or cloth bag is perfect for transporting your new kubb set to a picnic or BBQ.

The King
The King is 4x4x16 inches. 4x4 is a standard size for wood and can be found at most hardware stores. The King in the picture above has a "crown" on it. Here is a simpler version of cuts for the Kubb King.

You can go as simple or elegant as you wish with this part. The easiest thing to do is angle your table saw blade at 45, set your sliding stop so the edge of the blade cuts down the center of the 3-1/2" square end of the piece, then cut. This step can also be dangerous as well so use caution. Be sure to maintain a strong hold on the wood as well as keeping it firmly against the saw bed and sliding stop as you guide it over the blade. Rotate the Kung 90 about its long axis, make the pass again, repeat two more times and a simple crown will have been formed.

The Kubbs
The Kubbs are 3x3x8 inches. There is nothing complicated about them at all. 3x3 is also a standard size for wood.

The Throwing Batons ( dowels )
The batons are 1.75 inches in diameter and 12 inches long. The wood for these can be a bit harder to come by. Some large hardware stores carry this type of rounded wood. If you are having problems finding the right size, you might also try furniture factories. The legs of stools are often just about the right shape and size. If you've lost your tossing dowel or are making a Kubb set yourself and need inexpensive dowels, then you can now buy them individually.

The Markers
The markers are just sticks of wood that you will be driving into the ground. Their exact shape and size does not really matter. You can probaly just make them from the wood you have left over from making the other pieces. You might also try metal wire with a small red flag or reflector on top. You can usually find these at Wal-mart in the home and garden section.

Round off all the edges of your parts to reduce the possibility of slivers and enhance their appearance. Sand them with consecutively higher grit sand paper until reaching 220-grit. Finish your parts by staining them the color(s) of your choice.


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