Other Related Links

Missouri Stream Team - Striving to keep our state waterways clean and pristine.

Ozark Mountain Paddlers - A paddling and kayaking group/organization in Missouri which promotes canoeing, kayaking, float trips and other outdoor activities.

Missouri Wildlife Code

Insect Repellants, Everything That You Need To Know - Info. that I have found answering most of your questions and posted on my forum. Mainly, which repellant to use in which case and also, info. regarding DEET and children, what percentages are safe. Great to know in the time of the West Nile Virus.

Paddling Techniques - Animated, a must see for the novice canoer!

Paddling Knots

Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac page - *Identification & Care*

Chiggers in Missouri - *Identification & Care*

Ozark Mountain Images - *Scenic wallpaper for your computer*

Missouri Department Of Conservation Nature Section - Plants, Birds, Wildlife, You Name It And Its HERE!

Southwest Paddler - an on-line outdoor
recreation guide to the rivers of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, 
New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah



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