Below are the easy to follow instructions ( plans ) to construct your own PVC laundry ladder rack as seen at many RV parks and campgrounds. Please let us know if we need to tweak the PVC laundry ladder rack plans to better suit RV's. The only tweak that we could see would be in the hanger part to change from 3" pieces to maybe larger or smaller cuts.

PVC Ladder Rack - RV

*NOTE* - The 3" PVC cuts for the hanger can be tweaked longer or shorter in size cuts to better suit. Also, you may want to consider a screw being inserted in the T fitting joints where the load will be bearing incase you plan on putting a lot of wet laundry on the rack. This would prevent the unguled T joint that doesn't swivle from slipping out due to this load, but at the same time make it easy to disassemble by easily removing the screws.


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