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Quikrete DIY Brick Mailbox Project - A written how to build a brick mailbox!

Building a Brick Lighted Mailbox - DIY network provides you with pictures and instructions.


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Quality Mailboxes (Sculptured Gothic) - Located in O'Fallon, Missouri. Brick mailbox builder.

Patrico Brick Work - Located in St. Louis, Missouri. Brick mailbox builder.

MJ Masonry Mailbox Co. - Located in St. Louis, Missouri. Brick mailbox builder.

AAA Mailbox Co. - Located in Arnold, Missouri. Brick mailbox builder located in Arnold, MO (Jefferson County serving the entire St. Louis area. This is who built our brick mailbox, style: Hummingbird w/ planter. See here what it resembles. I think that it is very unique for our area, since most people of having this style built. If you need brick for your mailbox in the St. Louis area, then Richard's brick offers these colors. Luckily, my home was built with the Barrington 1W36 by Richard's Brick Co., so it was a near exact color match. Another supplier of brick in Missouri is the Acme Brick Co. (see the "choose a brick color" link below under other useful pages).

John Paul Masonry - Located in Warrenton, Missouri. Serves entire St. Louis area, St. Charles county area, Warren county area and surrounding areas. Brick mailbox builder.

Beautiful Brick Mailboxes - Located in Dallas, Texas brick mailbox builder.


Basic USPS Mailbox Regulations: 1) The ideal distance from the bottom of the box to the street should be 44 to 46 inches. 2) The front of the box should be flush-6" from the front of the curb. 3) Boxes need to be at least 5 feet from a fire hydrant. 4) At least 1 inch permanent house numbers need to be displayed on the box so that your mail carrier can see the number on approach to the box. 5) Fire regulations require numbers to be black or white. 6) All mailboxes are recommended, but not required, to have either a flag or a custom "mail to be picked up" magnet that can be easily placed inside and out when there is or isn't mail to be picked up by the postman.

Do you need exposure? Do you want your brick mailbox business listed here? It is only a one time fee of just $25 for a lifetime of exposure. Contact Steve at This page is top ranked in the search engines.

Brick Mailbox Mail Pick-Up Magnet - As seen at the 35 second mark in my brick mailbox video right here, this is the great alternative to those who don't want a flag. When not in use, stow it inside. When mail needs picked up, place the mailbox magnet on the outside of the door.

Brick Mailbox Flag Style #1 - Flip flag.

Brick Mailbox Flag Style #2 - Pull out flag.

Universal Mailbox Flag - Universal brick mailbox flag.

Mailbox Replacement Door - Quality Replacement Doors For Brick, Stone, or Stucco Mailboxes.

MAILBOX INSTALLATION UPDATE: It is recommended that your only use a heavy duty aluminum mailbox when building a brick mailbox. Why not galvanized steel or plastic? Believe it or not, even galvanized steel will eventually rust many years down the line, and plastic mailboxes may crack in the future due to heat stress. If you don't feel like dropping a few extra bucks on a quality mailbox, then maybe this will reassure you to. Also, if you are wondering how some brick mailboxes are constructed with "reduced in size" standard mailboxes, well, I posed this question recently to the builder of my brick mailbox. It's pretty simple. They buy a standard size brick mailbox and basically cut some of the rear off of it with a saw (hack or other). Then, they take the "flat" rear portion only and mortar it to the "inside rear" of the mailbox. Then, they insert the cut down to size mailbox to be flush with the mortared rear piece, giving the inside visual of a smaller mailbox. The company that builds our brick mailboxes in the St. Louis area has a patent on a metal liner that goes around the mailbox itself so when it does rust (eventually all standard mailboxes WILL rust unless 100% aluminum), the mail box can be easily replaced with a new one by just removing 1 screw in the inside base of the mailbox itself. Great concept, and the liner can be duplicated (or purchased at the above link) by buying a thin piece of sheet metal and arching it around the top of the mailbox leaving only about 1/4" between it and the mailbox for easy removal. After arching the top part, you crease one of the lower corners of the sheet metal to wrap under the mailbox and then connecting the other lower corner to the other arched side to complete the liner for the mailbox to fit into. It's pretty simple if you are handy. Word to the wise: Either a) pay the extra bucks for a 100% aluminum mailbox or b) have a liner put in around your cheaper standard mailbox.

How NOT To Build A Brick Mailbox - Can you say "redneck"? I suppose the flag is always going to stay up too, lol! Click here for a backside picture. Keep in mind though that Jesus protects this mailbox from mail fraud, or perhaps from the anthrax scare.

Brick Mailbox Accident Pic - Picture of what can happen when a car runs into a brick mailbox. Needless to say, use rebar in your base as stated at the top of this page.

Design Ideas #1 - Design Ideas #2 - Design Ideas #3

SPECIAL NOTE: One should utilize the method of "pouring" a deep slab, 12-18" BELOW the frost line in your area. If installing a flower planter, I would recommend using the method of leaving the joints in the base behind the brick flowerbox open. This allows the water to drain and will not cause water damage. Another option is to place a piece of PVC in the slab when poured in the area where the planter will be. This will allow a hole for drainage. I also will recommend utilizing the plastic mason flag instead of the typical aluminum mailbox flag (see below links). An 18-20" tiered concrete cap is a nice topper for a brick mailbox, but arched tops are also very popular.

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