Pulltite Cave

Current River Caves

Medlock Cave - *Mile Marker 12.6 on right*

Welch Spring Cave - The cave is barred due to the endangered gray bat. Click HERE and then HERE to see entrance pictures before getting to the bars. The cave is located in the remnants of an old run down hospital here that was used to treat patients who had asthma by having them breath the cave air. *Mile Marker 13.7 on left.

Cave Spring Cave (You canoe into it! - video here) - *Mile Marker 21.9 on left* ---> and nearby Devils Well.

Rock House Cave - *Mile Marker 24.2 on right*

Fire Hydrandt (Pulltite) Cave - *Mile Marker 26.2 on right*

Bat Cave (No Link) - *~Mile Marker 29.0 on left, somewhat fenced due to endangered bats*

Little Gem Cave (also called Merritt Rock Cave) - *~Mile Marker 31.0*

Round Spring Cave - *Mile Marker 35.2 on right* Close to the famous spring with the same name, but not connected.

Courthouse Cave - *~ Mile Marker 36.2 on right*

DID YOU KNOW? Shannon County has the 2nd most recorded caves in the state. Over 400!!! Perry County is 1st with over 600. Source: Joel Laws, VP - Missouri Speleological Survey

Jacks Fork Caves

Caves of the Jacks Fork Valley

Chimney Rock Cave (No Link) - *Mile Marker 0.8 on right*

Bat Cave (No Link) - *~Mile Marker 5.0 on right, about .2 mile up hollow on right*

Bear Cave (No Link)- *~Mile Marker 5.0 on right, about .2 mile up hollow on left*

Jam-Up Cave - *Mile Marker 12.6 on right* Pic

Meeting House Cave - *~Mile Marker 15.5 on left*

Bunker Hill Cave (No Link)- *~Mile Marker 17.0 on left, about .3 mile up hollow*

Sycamore Cave (No Link)- *~Mile Marker 20.0 on right, about 1/2 mile up hollow*

NOTE - For some of these caves, a headlamp will come in handy. Get one here.

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