Copper Pipe Campfires & Mystical Colorful Campfires

Copper pipe in the campfire can be fun and entertaining. Take some copper pipe (1/2 or 3/4 inch diameter) and cut it in lengths about 6-12 inches long. Then drill a few holes in it (1/4 inch dia) and slide a piece of old garden hose into it cut just a bit shorter than the copper pipe. There should be some room between the two, but not much. Toss a few of these things into the campfire after it gets going, then sit back and watch the colors. As the hose begins to burn, there is some sort of reaction with the copper, and little colored flames (all sorts of colors) "dance" at the ends of the pipe (the "fairies" you see....) I've seen it, and it really is pretty. I could have watched all night.....

DISCLAIMER: Some hose may produce TOXIC smoke when burned. Select your hose carefully. I'm not responsible for you using a hunk of bad hose. If you're worried about the possibility of toxic fumes from a piece of hose, then DON'T USE THE HOSE. Of course you probably shouldn't be sitting in front of a fire either, but that's a whole 'nother thing. *PLEASE DISPOSE OF ANY UNUSED PIPE/HOSE*

Another colorful campfire option (as pictured below) is a Mystical Campfire - Click Here. This adds great color to your campfire.

Copper Campfire - Mystical Colorful Campfire


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