Disc Golf Goal Construction Plans

Instructions for making the Disc Golf goal (PULT)

You too can make a Disc Golf goal (or) Portable Ugly Lightweight Target (PULT)!

- 1 Cheap full-size wood-handled umbrella with 8 stays(I got one at the dollar store 
for $3.99)
- 20' of plastic chain (the most expensive part of the PULT)
- 1 giant plant pot saucer 24"-26" in diameter (look at your local giant hardware store)
- 1 package of cable ties (at least 10)
- 3' of 1" PVC pipe
- 1 strait 1" PVC pipe joint
- 1 plastic tent stake
- clothes line
- assorted screws


Upper chain assembly.

First check the fit of of the umbrella handle into the PVC pipe.  Either whittle
it down or add some tape so that it fits snuggly 4-5" into the pipe and can be 
easily inserted or removed.
Open the umbrella.  Measure across opposite stays to get a 24" diameter, add an 
additional inch to bend into a hook and cut the stays and material all the way 
around.  The stays are pretty tough so you will have to use a hack saw or better
wire cutters than I have.  Save the extra material and stays, you may need them 
later.  Using pliers bend 1" of each stay into a loop. With the umbrella open, tie
equal lengths of clothes line between each loop so that the line is tight all the 
way around.  This keeps the stays from flopping around when a disc hits the chains.
If you wish, you can sew the umbrella material to the line to close off the top.
Cut 8 26" lengths of plastic chain and attach one to each of the bent loops on the 
stays using cable ties. Use another cable tie to form a loop around the umbrella 
shaft and through the bottom link of each length of chain. 

Make a hole big enough to pass the umbrella handle through in the center of the 
plant pot saucer.  Don't make it any bigger than 1".  Attach the PVC joint to the
bottom of the saucer directly under the hole by drilling holes and and securing it 
with 4-6 small screws.  To expand the catching area, drill small holes at an angle 
through the sides and down through the bottom of the saucer.  Push the left over stays 
through the holes so that the umbrella material extends up and out to the sides. 
You will probably have extra material and have to fold some over.


Attach the plastic tent stake to the bottom of the PVC pipe with 2-3 screws. Again 
drill pilot holes for the screws. Leave 6" of stake extending below the pipe.  


Push the stake into the ground with your foot till the end of the pipe touches the 
ground.  You'll want it straight up and down.  Put the disc golf basket on by placing the PVC 
joint on the disc golf basket over the upper end of the PVC pipe.  Put the handle of the 
umbrella through the hole in the disc golf basket into the PVC pipe.  Open the umbrella and
you are ready to putt.  For safari golf I sometimes omit the disc golf basket and count 
anything that gets solid chain as a good putt.  This makes the whole contraption
lighter and easier to carry.  Also if you can't find a saucer, a plastic garbage can
lid might work.
Note: This builder used some black plastic garden edging to extend and strengthen the disc golf basket.
This is the black material you see in the photo.


This is the second generation PULT. Improved on the first one by using 24" rubber cargo straps in place of the plastic chains. The straps are cheaper and catch a lot better than the plastic chains. The only drawback is that they are a little heavier to carry around. The pole was also shortened to about 30" to more closely match the height of a real disc golf basket. A bottom stand was added on the bottom because the stake arrangement wasn't working very well. It is made of 6 pieces of 1" PVC and 3 "Ts". All but two of the joints were glued so one can still adjust for slope. The new PULT catches 85%-90% of good putts. It is a great improvement over the first generation for putting practice but a little heavier to carry along.

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