Flower Pot Lights & Lamps
(RV, Awning, Camping & Patio Lamps)

Flower Pot Light - Lamp

Flower Pot Lights & RV Lamps For Sale

Lawnware Flower Pot Lights - Flowerpot lights for sale! Lawnware 2310. Also possibly HERE.

Flower Pot Light Holders - Hooks - Hangers - Hooks to hang from your awning to hang your RV lights. -- Also try HERE.

RV Party Lights String - Nice alternatives to hang from the RV awning.

Flower Pot Light Instructions, Plans & Materials

Flower Pot Light - LampFlower Pot Light - Lamp

"The above pics are made from flower pots that came from Walmart. The pots are turned upside down and a lamp kit installed. The bottom tray is inserted in the open end of the pot and secured with three bolts. Holes are drilled acording to the pattern on the pots. Plastic beads are inserted and glued. All parts were once available at Walmart, but the beads can now be purchased via the link below."

Flower Pot Light Instructions - Very popular to hang from and RV's awning.

11mm Multi-Color Tri-Beads - Drill a 3/16 inch diameter hole into your Lawnware flower pot and insert them in the hole with some plastic glue (See here). Don't use hot glue, it melts!

NOTE: The Lawnware 2310 12" flower pot used to be sold at Wal-mart, but the word on the street is that it isn't anymore. We don't keep any in stock, but your best bet is to check back and check this link periodically. Every once in a while someone sells some not made up. Your only other option besides buying one already made up is to find another white flower pot somewhere that may work.

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