Haunted Places
Jefferson County, Missouri

"All ghostly reports have been submitted or found in various locations on the web."

Arnold - Richardson Cemetery - Little history can be found on this cemetery. Out of 128 original acres, only two remain due to subdivisions built around it. The cemetery sits upon the crest of a hill and there are burials within the overgrown wooded slopes of it. Paranormal activity include shadowy figures and cold spots.

"I’ve seen the reference to this being overgrown which it is NOT. It is mowed every two weeks by members of the Arnold Historical Society. The hillsides are also free of all tall grass. Trees are trimmed 15’ high so we can see who is behind every stone. And there have never been any ghosts of any type out there since I drive through the cemetery weekly and remove all trash." -- Bernie Wilde

Barnhart - Haunted Burgess Cemetery - Located on Highway M off of I-55 near Barnhart behind a church. Orbs and ectoplasm have been photographed at this haunted graveyard.

Barnhart - Haunted Town of Barnhart - Located south of St. Louis. From where Hwy 270 meets I-55, take I-55 south for 12 miles and exit onto CR M (it's also the exit for the town of Antonia.) Turn left or east on CR M road and go down it .7 miles, it will dead end onto US 61 (also known as US67 on some maps). Turn right or south on US 61 and go down it for .4 miles and exit to your right or north onto Willing Street. Take it for .2 miles and turn left onto the local road that runs to downtown Barnhart. Barnhart is almost a ghost town nowdays, the story here is that the ghosts of children's voices are heard in this haunted town.

Desoto - Haunted Vineland Elementary - At night it is said that a ghost roams the hallways at night and the staff has seen weird things at night! A Grandmother tells the story of many years ago as a girl, she had snuck out of her house to see her boyfriend in the middle of the night and walking past the school she saw a ghostly arm coming out of one of the windows.

Desoto - Haunted House Off Vineland Road - If you travel down that road day or night there is said to be a haunted house that used to be owned by a man that owned slaves. They say you can hear voices and see lights and if you walk in the house be very careful because it is very old and not in good condition. They say if you pull up to the columns entering the driveway not to go between them or past them or you will not get out. See Video Here.

23OCT15 Elizabeth writes: "This house is located on private property. And is actually on Knorpp Rd, not Vineland. The old man that owns the property lived in the home as a child actually and the house has dilapidated and deteriorated so badly it is unstable and very dangerous to be inside of it, and the owner himself does not go in it anymore either as it's too painful for him to see it be destroyed by vandals. He also built his current home on the same property so he can constantly watch it. When I was a kid it was a gorgeous home and he was more than willing to show people around town the inside, but sadly due to vandalism and other issues (lack of time and money to keep the 200 year old house up to date and county codes), the house is actually considered condemned. He does watch the property and will come out shotgun in hand to defend his childhood home and call local authorities when he catches trespassers. My dad lives just down the road from this place and trust me you don't want to be on the wrong side of that property line." Please do not venture onto this property.

Desoto - Abandoned House On McKissock Street- The old two-story house on this street sat vacant for many years. Nobody remembers how many years it had been deserted, but it was a long, long time ago. The windows had been broken out by vandals and the house was crumbling with decay. No human being could possibly live in the house in that condition and none did. Yet time and time again, passerbys witnessed the image of a woman carrying a coal lantern down the stairs. She would go into the former kitchen of the home and then return back up the stairs and disappear. The house was eventually torn down to make room for progress. No one knows what became of the restless ghost.

Desoto - Administrations Building - This building is reported to be haunted by a girl who committed suicide on the third floor.

Desoto - I just wanted to let you know we currently live across the street from a very haunted home. Even the people who live there now have admitted strange happenings, and they just moved in this year. We had some good friends who lived there a couple of years, but moved out because of what St Louis Ghost Hunters found. Many weird sightings of black shadow people, stuff would fly off dressers/tables/chairs, you could hear people whispering at night, the dogs/cats would bark or see something no one else could see, hear footsteps down the hall (they put a rug down and it helped with the footsteps a little), and much more. We have caught things on camera, videotape, and audio. The address is 702 W St Louis St, down the street from the high school. Very creepy home! Thanks, Brandi P.

Desoto - "305 Boyd St. is haunted. I lived there for 2 years. It was built as the first surgery center by a doctor whom died within a year ... many strange occurrences witnessed by every member in the house. Even people on the phone heard some of the events." -- Deanna Farrar

Desoto - Lady In Black - A mysterious lady in black often appeared on the street corners at night. No one seemed to know anything about this strange woman. She wore a long, black hat with a dark veil covering her face. She often appeared and disappeared from the vicinity of Boyd Street, anywhere from Main to fifth for a period of six years or more. So who was this intriguing lady in black? Some amateur sleuths believe it was simply a woman in disguise spying on her unfaithful husband. She supposedly was never seen again after 1921. Whatever happened to her remains a mystery. Theres also some conflicting reports of a woman who dressed in black that haunts East Kelley near the old depot. Some believe the woman's name was Shrum. She is often seen at the old depot or walking near the old bridge on East Kelley.

Picture of real ghost (apparition) captured sitting in a graveyard.

Desoto - Steve Pepitone House - Located on 5th and Pratt. Mr. Pepitone has seen the spirit of a woman in a mirror. She is said to be a former owner of the house.

Desoto - Haunted Arlington Bed & Breakfast Inn. - Located at 207 East Main Street between East Clement and Rankin Street. It was first known as The Desoto House when it was built in 1860. Orb photos have been taken in the basement of this haunted Bed & Breakfast.

Desoto - 422 North 2nd St. is haunted. This is also know as "The Old Desoto House" which was built in 1892. See this Facebook link HERE for more details. Pre-scheduled haunted investigations of this location can take place. See the Facebook link for details.


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Festus - Festus Middle School - A little boy was hung in the gym while doing Peter Pan. Students have gone down there when it is dark and they have been contacted by the ghost of this little boy.

"To Whom It May Concern: When I was 13 my friends and I were in a play at Festus Middle School. Plays were no longer allowed to be done in the gym, we were told it was because it would ruin the floor. I have since realized that it was because of the death that happened there. My friends and I were goofing off in the dark gym during rehearsal one night when one friend was tripped on the bleachers, no one was near her. This is what got us started on our primitive investigation, we did shadow writing and we got the word noose written over and over. One time down there a shadow, that my friends could not have cast because I went back in alone because I had forgotten my bag, ran at me and forced me back against the wall before disappearing. And lastly we were outside the door of the gym and we heard a tapping against the door. Tapping to the rythym of a song from Peter Pan, but when we opened the door there was no one there. Some may say this may have been us imagining things because of the story, but it wasn't until we were in high school a couple years later that we heard of the death in the middle school gym." -- Former Festus Student (SNF)

Festus - Haunted Rail Road Crossing - Located on old Hwy A, also called Hillsboro Road. From I-55 take Old Hwy A west for 1.9 miles to the rail road crossing marked on the map as Silica. This location is reported to be haunted after a fatal traffic accident occurred when an automobile was struck by a passing train. A ghostly couple haunt the railroad tracks. They are sometimes seen holding hands. More details can be found here and here.

Festus - "Here's my paranormal story that I'd like to share with you in hopes that maybe the mystery will be uncovered. The house I used to live with my family in is about 2 miles south of Mercy Jefferson Medical Center in a small subdivision called New Castle in Festus (R7 district), Missouri. The subdivision itself was erected on what used to be a family farm, and from what we were told, our lot was the lot the old farmhouse stood. Strange happenings have occurred throughout the years we lived there, but nothing terrifying or life-threatening. The first that I can remember is when my family went out to dinner one night and came home to a broken lamp in one of our rooms. Our doors were locked and there was no sign of a break in. Nothing was leaning on the lamp prior to how we found it. Secondly, while only my mother was home, she heard a slam on the other side of the house (side closest to the graveyard, which is explained in the next paragraph). She went to check it out and the laundry detergent bottle had flung off of the shelf, hit the opposite wall and spilled all over the floor. It was originally pushed all the way against the wall on the shelf and neither the washer nor the dryer were in use. We've had company over that come in through our side door (once again, on the side of our house closest to the graveyard) that immediately feel an eerie, supernatural feeling. On that same side of our house is a garage that sometimes opens by itself. One of the bedroom TVs and one of the old basement TVs will randomly turn on in the early morning hours and go to full volume without the use of the remote. One of my family members told me once that he has woken up several times to seeing people in his bedroom, the most common being a middle aged woman and a young civil war soldier. Nothing harmful has ever happened to my family and we've never felt afraid of these occurrences, we've just been curious more than anything. In the midst of some of these happenings, when I was a kid, my friends and I were wandering in the snow one winter and came across an unkept, hidden graveyard behind one of the subdivision's houses. The graveyard had about 12 graves total (from what I can remember) and many date back to the civil war era and many are children's graves, most being under the age of 10 years old. After we discovered the graveyard, we informed my family and together we "blamed" these weird happenings on the "ghosts of the children", because children are clumsy and accidentally break lamps or turn on TVs at loud volumes, etc. We also assumed it was a family graveyard that was affiliated with the family farm our property was now a part of. After revisiting recently, I noticed that it wasn't a family graveyard, as few of the surnames were the same, and many of the dates were synonymous in time.I tried doing some light research on this topic and didn't get many findings. What I'm most curious about is how all of these people passed and how they ended up in this tiny, unkept graveyard." -- Anonymous

Herculaneum - "This one is located at a small bridge on McNutt School Rd. in Herculaneum, just west of I-55. Take the west service road past the car dealerships, turn right onto McNutt School Rd. about a mile or less past the state emissions station. The story is that an old farmer was looking for his cattle late at night during a storm, was caught up in flood waters and never seen again. If you sit on the bridge late at night and look to the north through the woods, you can sometimes see his lantern coming up the creek. I ...might....have seen it twice in the early seventies, both times it scared the hell out of me, many people who grew up during that time are familiar with the ghost bridge." -- Larry Linhorst

Herculaneum - "In Herculaneum, on Short Street, there is a cemetery from the 1700 & 1800's. I lived across the street from it and would play in it daily. I was drawn to it... especially this one grave that you couldn't really read. So one day I got black charcoal and paper and was able to reveal a partial name and date. It was a girl about my age. In that grave yard you will see orbs, figures, and a fog very regularly" -- Heather Christopher

High Ridge - "There is a cemetery in High Ridge off Rock Creek Rd.. It's the old St. John Cemetery dated back before the Civil War. I have seen shadows and an old lady walking around an old tomb stone dated back before 1860. The cemetery is about 2.5 miles back on Rock Creek Rd.. From highway 30 there is the old St. John Church on the left and just as you go around the curve the old cemetery is on your left." -- Martin Lucas

15OCT12 - "I would like to inform you on the st. Johns Church / cemetry on west rock creek. My friend and his family actually live in the church that is 100 years old this year. There is in fact more to that grave yard then what on this site. There is a Dark 7 foot shadow looking creature thats we have spotted in the on more then one occasion. It has the body of a man an the head of a dog. It gets very teritorial when your messing around the headstones thats closer to the woods but it might be because thats were children are burried. This thing will warn with a low growl and a high pitched screach. It is very dangerouse to be messing in the gave yard and at the barn thats across the street which is still owned by a little old man whos been unable to keep the land maintenanced. I will warn that the people that live in the little white house and my friends father will call the cops if you are caught and they do not know you." -- Britney Price

"I have done research on the Old St John's Cemetery. The big building that is near the old part of the cemetery was once the school. The old church was torn down a long time ago (late 1800s/early 1900s)." -- Mary Seppelin

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Hillsboro - In April 2014 is was researching places in the area to go metal detecting in Jefferson County when I happened upon the old Jefferson County Poor Farm and Insane Asylum. This poor farm dates back from the 1850s and I was giddy to know that is was just a hop, skip and a jump from my house. I found the reading of the article like a good book at times, where I couldn't turn my eyes away to find out what happens next. Through my research on the article I had noted the following passage: "There is a mysterious happening associated with the farm. Almost everyone in the area knew and accepted as fact the appearance of strange lights that appeared around the farm. They had been seen by family members as well as neighbors in the area. Some of the superintendents and their families as well as residents of the farm in previous years had also reported seeing the lights. Some people believed there was something supernatural about them. Lizzie Marsden, a sensible, practical woman who eschewed foolishness told of having seen them. As a dedicated Baptist of strong Christian faith, she would not even consider embellishing the truth, much less tell a lie. She said that she had seen the lights several times and described them as being the size of a grapefruit. On the nights when the lights appeared, they would seem to rise over the trees near the cemetery on a hill across Butcher Branch Road. They would float down the hill, cross Butcher Branch Road, go up the hill through the County Farm property, and then disappear behind the farm. " Doing further research I had found that on that hill across from Butcher Branch Rd. there are some old graves from tenants of the Poor Farm that a fellow Jefferson Countian visited in 2009 (read his journey here). He had located the graves (after getting permission, read article) and they can be seen right here. Now, my visit to the poor farm in April 2014 had shown the property in disrepair. Sure, there were NO TRESPASSING signs up, but it was clear that the place was vacant (NOTE: An email to me noted that property owners still live in the area and they hope that lurkers will respect their no trespassing signs. The property is viewable from the main road). I would suspect that that last inhabitance of the property (probably a rental) was in the 90s or 2000s. I didn't experience any haunting activity when I was there, but it was early morning and not the reason for my visitation. Possibly a deeper investigation of the site (and the grave area across Butcher Branch Rd.) would reveal more (i.e. EVP recordings, photo shoots day/night, etc.). ---- Steve King (Haunted JeffCo Webmaster)

Hillsboro - Goldman Road - Three foggy looking, elliptical forms about 8 foot in height have been seen in the middle of Goldman Road. As this person was driving the objects rose over their car and back into the roadway. As the car passed under them it became very cold, even with the heater on. There are also stories of a woman and small child being killed on this road and during rainy nights they can sometimes be seen on the side of the road walking. If one goes back they will have disappeared.

Hillsboro - Schubel House - On the second floor, people would be working and strange things would happen. This house is located on Maple Street, next to the police station.

Imperial "13SEP14: In my younger days in high school, me and friends stumbled upon a city of houses dating back to 1500s. We found a small church with a jewelry box with a scroll signed by 4 priests that dated to 1572. This location is a good half mile behind Clyde Hamrick school down the hill. I recently went back to see if still standing and 15 or so buildings have vanished without trace . There is a old chicken house at the base of the hill , an old dilapidated bridge and a few wooden podiums that were used in prayer ceremony. I have found this place to be one of the most haunted places in Jefferson county. Have had strange phone calls after finding scroll, street car noises and whisper saying 7 years." -- Daniel Bradbury

"12SEP14: Steve, hoping you can help. Many years ago there was a small town you could walk to behind the Clyde Hamrick elementary school. There was a church (books and bibles still there) homes (belongings such as dinner ware, etc left behind) a jail. I can't find any info on this and searching Google Earth, I can't even see any structures. I know there was a structure fire around 1999 or so. But as kids we always thought this place was haunted, now it seems as though any traces of it even existing have been wiped. Thank you in advance for hearing me out!" --- Christine Steinkamp Chettle

Kimmswick - Kimmswick Bridge - Rumored to be haunted. Pics of orbs taken here.

Kimmswick - Haunted Cemetery, located on the north side of Kimmswick on Montebello Camp Road. Theodore Kimm, founder of Kimmswick, is buried here as is his wife and child. Cold chills and uneasy feelings have been reported here. A glowing fog has been seen rising from the oldest grave.

"There is a cemetery on Montebello Camp Rd. It's name is St. Josephs Cemetery. There are some very old graves there from the late 1800's. But the Kimm family is not buried there. The Kimm family is buried in the town of Kimmswick itself, in a little park, at the corner of Fourth St. and Beckett St. But only Wilhelmine (wife) and Ernest (son) are buried here. Theodore Kimm is buried in Switzerland. I have enclosed some pictures of the headstones for reference. See pic here." -- Mary Presley of Barnhart, MO

"There's a lot more to that camp than the shower house, if you visit the old side down a gravel road, you will encounter some serious activity. The highest point was that I had a (don't think I'm crazy) vision of two young girls running down a trail, and a farm house with a torn screen and music box....when I told my friends we could all hum the unfamiliar tune....they had seen it too. We spent the next three years hunting the dark being that somehow majorly hurt those girls.....we just called it "him". We could see shadows in mirrors at night, and they ran around outside cabin windows, aside from at one point rattling the door. Aside from that, we took a ouija board to near where the visions occurred and it spelled out "baphomet" and "baal" before trying to run the full board. On my last trip there I confronted him, and now anytime I do anything involving the paranormal or occult my brown eyes turn gold. There was a lot more that I didn't type, but believe me...this place is serious haunted." -- Ravyn Noire

"I have has a personal experience on this road. My boyfriend at the time and I had driven down and turned around, parking on the side of the road. We were in the middle of "necking", and felt something shake the car. It seemed as though an animal had run into the car. We laughed it off, and a few seconds later, someone or something was pushing down on the back of the car, making it move up and down several times. At that point, we got out of there. There wasn't anyone remotely close as it was after 11pm, and we recalled it getting very foggy outside, even though it was a hot summer night. It was pretty intense! Just wanted to share my experience, as I will never forget that!" -- Nancy Cima

Morse Mill - Morse Mill is an unincorporated community in Jefferson County, Missouri, United States. It is located about five miles northwest of Hillsboro. The community is named after John H. Morse, who settled here in 1847. Within town is the famous Morse Mill Hotel. "This 140-year-old+ Jefferson County mansion is being transformed from a ramshackle derelict into a charming French-Colonial bed and breakfast. The hotel is reportedly haunted by several ghosts. Annabelle is a friendly ghost child who plays in the attic. Tourists have left toys for her, which they said Annabelle has moved around the rooms. A pre-Civil War slave is said to lurk the “dungeon,” a dark room in the basement that still bears evidence of shackles. People also have heard cooking noises from the empty kitchen, and witnesses said a door has been repeated slammed shut, perhaps by an angry guest from long ago days." - Denise Bertacchi - Patch.com

Pevely - Haunted Jarvis Road - Hi my names is Shelby Ketchum. I have my own story about something that I saw when I was about 9 or 10. My mom and I where coming home one night down Jarvis from Z highway. About midway up the hill, just past Meadow Road, is when things started getting wierd. A fog appeared at the top hill, slowly moving from the right side of the road to the left. My mom stopped right there in the middle of the road so we could see the top of the hill but nothing beyond that. As soon as the fog rolled out is when we saw the boy. He was on a bike just going around in circles as if we weren't there. The thing that sticks out in my mind was that he was gray and so was the bike, just gray .... completely gray. I don't know how long we watched him, but after going around a few times he cut off going towards the part of the road that we couldn't see. As in all good ghost story's, when we stopped at the top of the hill to look for him he was gone. I never really told anyone about or really thought of it much until a friend told me the story of the ghost of a little boy on a bike who died on Jarvis.

Pevely - Haunted Christina House - Located just northeast of town at the end of Abbey Monastery Road where it dead ends at the railroad tracks overlooking the river. It's not located in the vision of peace, but rather the other road (gravel/dirt) on the left. Keep your eyes open, since the road has trees and left over things from the house in the way. Founded by Sister Miriam in 1974 as a house of prayer, ministry and hermitage. The building was later named named Christina House after a little girl who had recently died. -- False Reported Location

Renee (Bewig) Bronaugh in March 2011 emailed me some before and after photos. Simply awesome!! CLICK HERE

See Christina House paranormal research videos HERE.

Derek Watson in a May 2009 email submitted the best proof yet of the former Christina House. He can be reached at dwatson90@live.com. He had stated "The Christina house in Pevely is off of Koch Valley Road. I have been back there and as I was walking out when I heard voices, scared voices, and as I took off in a run to get out of there I dropped off of a underground structure nearly 4 feet, bending my one leg backwards while the other one was straight, and tearing ligaments in my knee and hip. All the while the voices around me persisted, not angry or playful, terrified voices. There's a couple ways to get back there but any trail you find on the left side of the road over the first bridge will lead you there. Find Bushburg on google maps in Pevely, go until it splits into Old Sulphur Springs and Koch Valley, there are two Koch Valley Roads if you switch it to topographic, there will be a creek on the SOUTHERN Koch Valley rd, switch back to satellite go down a little bit and you will find a black square (pool) and a grayish-brown area, the actual ruins. (see map) The one falsely reported on your site IS AN ACTUAL MONESTARY THAT STILL EXISTS! MONKS STILL INHABIT THIS MONESTARY! That is property of a monestary. The Christina House has a pool, this area doesn't." ( Pic 1 / Pic 2 / Pic 3 / Pic 4 / Pic 5 / Pic 6 / Pic 7 / Pic 8 )

Amanda Lore, from Pevely, MO, stated in a February 2007 email "what really happened was 8 year old christina was posessed and killed her mother and father. Then after that, she hung herself. I went recently with a friend and a blue flaoting light came after them. It was odd, because no footsteps could be heard. The house is torn down but a pool and the basement is all that is left. The pool is very huanted. You can disregard the no trespassing sign, since the cops really don't care anymore due to the fact that they can't keep all of the visitors away." Legends of paranormal activity from this site remain undocumented.

Pevely - Haunted Rock House - It is said that slaves were taken through an underground tunnel to that house. The house sits on top of a hill, and it is rumored that the slaves were buried at the bottom of the hill. Now homes sit at the bottom of the hill, and weird noises and ghoslty incidents occur in some of those homes.

"I grew up right down at the bottom of the hill from the Rock House. And I find it comical that the stories me and my family had came up with for Halloween has made it to this page now as regard to the rock house being haunted that most entirely could be true I have in the past when I was young walking by there in the middle night hearing what sounded like moans and Chains rattling but I could be wrong as there's always been tremors would which would make the houses creak and groan. As an added thing to the area where they just built houses across from there used to be where Native Americans had camped or live at one time. I have found handfuls of arrowheads all the way back to the lake which we used to call Dunklin lake( being so close to Governor Dunklin's grave) . So if there is a burial site near it it definitely wouldn't be there. Too close to the main house." -- William Armstrong

Pevely - Teamsters Camp - Back 9 - 17th hole. "This is where the old Abbey was, the buildings are still there ( falling down ). Fifteen years ago, playing alone on a Monday evening I approached the 17th tee and saw a Monk standing 100 feet away, ln front of the old Abbey. I teed up a ball, looked over, he was still there. Took one practice swing, looked over, he was gone. Two seconds. Gone! He was too far away from the building to make it inside berore I saw him." -- Jim King

Rush Tower - Haunted Graveyard - "I know of a graveyard in Jefferson County that is close to our horse barn (the grave yard is on the nieghbors property) and everytime I take pictures of the horses up in the barn there are orbs in the pictures. Not just sometimes but all the time. I first thought something was wrong with my camera but as it turn out it is not the camera. There is no road to the graveyard, it is on private property but some of the headstones date back into the 1800's. It is in southern Jefferson County off of Hwy 61 onto Hwy AA. If you turn left onto Hwy AA from Hwy 61 south you go past Big Hollow Rd and it is up on the hill to the east. Or if you go down Big Hollow Rd and go around the curve it is back to the left through the trees. Another "happening" that took place one morning last year (2008) in the late fall early winter. It was early and it was still dark but just starting to break dawn when I went to the barn to feed the horses that are in the barn. The horses that are out in the field can come up to the pen by the barn and sometimes they do. Now keep in mind that I have paint horses, so they have white on there body. This particular morning as I was walking to the barn I had seen a big "white patch" moving along the fence toward the field behind the barn. I didn't think anything about it or pay a hole lot of attention, just thought it was one of the horses walking. I went in and flipped on the light and fed the horses in the barn. A few minutes later I walked out to dump out a water bucket and it has lightened up enough now to see better and I noticed that the other horses were not up by the barn. You can hear them when they come up the hill to the barn or are going back down they make alot of noise with the leaves and rocks. I was more than a little surprized becuase I thought I had seen one of them walking earlier. It is then that I realized that it couldn't have been and I wished I had paid more attention. Was it a ghost? I think so..............." -- Lydia Stegall

Sulphur Springs (Near Barnhart) - Possible Haunted Railroad Crossing - The location of Jefferson County's WORST train wreck which claimed 34 lives in August 1922 "may" just be haunted. With such a high loss of life and such a tragic event, the Glaize Creek railroad crossing may be a site little known today to investigate for paranormal activity. "The rear end of the local train was standing on the bridge over Glaize Creek when the accident happened and the cars were telescoped and hurled into the deep creek bed where many bodies were later taken from." You can read about this very sad and tragic disaster right here. For an aerial shot of this location, go here. Park along Sulpur Springs landing, and walk down the river bank to the accident scene.

I almost forgot to add this to this page, but since it is still fresh in my memory, there's not time like now to add onto this location. In October 2013, myself (admin of this JeffCo haunted page) and an "anonymous" sensitive drove down to the landing of Sulfur Springs and parked parallel to the river/tracks. Our goal was to see if there was anything that the sensitive could pick up without walking down the tracks to the crash site. Unfortunately at that time, nothing was detected from afar by the sensitive. However, after we left, my sensitive told me something that blew my mind. When we pulled up, another spirit was at that location not connected to the crash. This spirit's name was "Thomas" and he was a Civil War union soldier from around 1862/63. At the time, my sensitive didn't know that the soldier was a soldier, but from the description of the "blue" uniform and gold, crossed guns pin on him, that is who he was later deemed to be. Spirit "Thomas" made normal contact with the sensitive and a conversation would take place between them through thoughts (not verbally). Thomas was pointing behind our vehicle and talking about the spring and church. He also stated that he was not from around here. Later, through research, we found an old map with the church on it exactly where he was stating it would be. Further research online substantiated the fact that the infantry was actually there in Sulphur Springs during the civil war ((Validated under 3rd Regiment Infantry at bottom of page). Note there that they were ALSO in that area in October (same month as our visit), but 150 years prior. The one thing that the sensitive told me is that "Thomas" is a nice, friendly spirit. And just to make clear, the sensitive that was with me at the time (admin) is the real deal. This person's detections has been substantiated many times in the past by me. However, they wish to remain strictly anonymous.

Valles Mines - Haunted Railroad Tunnel - The ghost of a man named Bill is said to haunt this tunnel. Located 2.5 miles south of Valles Mines. From just west of town where Valles Mines Road (also called Cole Rd) meets Sunrise School Road drive south for 1 mile on Valles Mines Rd, you will pass a cemetery on your left. Exit Valles Mines Road by turning left or south (road not shown on this map) but its where Valles Mines Road turns sharply west and continue south for another 1.5 miles along this local road until it dead ends. The tunnel will be on your right. See Video Here

Valles Mines - Lost History Museum - located at 14115 Valles Mines School Road 63087. At this location, there are reports of a ghost that has been seen at the windows of this historic home which dates back to 1749. It was the home of Francois Vallee, and during the Civil War a shoot out between Union and Confederate troops took place here. The ghost is said to pull people's hair and paranormal photos have been taken. See Video Here.

Your JeffCo Place - Do you know of any haunted places in Jefferson County, MO not on this list? If so, then send me (Steve) the details and your creepy destination may just get added to this list. Webmaster@MissouriScenicRivers.com!




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