A.H.P.A. Court Layout


  • Indoor horseshoes pitching.-When indoor courts are constructed, the height of horseshoe pitching boxes shall not be over six (6) inches above floor level. Ceiling height shall be at least twelve (12) feet.

  • Layout of courts.  A court shall consist of two pitchers' boxes with a stake in the center of each and shall cover a level area overall of ten (10) feet width and fifty (50) feet in length.

  • Pitchers' box. The horseshoe pitchers' box shall be six (6) feet square, with stake in the exact center.

  • The stake area of the horseshoe pitchers' box shall be filled to a depth of six (6) to ten (10) inches with potter's clay or substitute of like nature and kept in a moist and putty-like condition in the stake area.

  • Stake Distance. The distance shall be forty (40) feet between stakes.  Measured from the pitchers platform level, from the center of each stake.

  • Foul lines surrounding the pitcher's box shall be clearly defined.

  • When a number of courts are constructed as required in tournament play, the stakes shall be a minimum of(10) feet apart between courts and front horseshoe pitching box foul lines shall preserve a straight line across the entire lay-out. Construction should be made to permit north-south horseshoe pitching. 


Horseshoe Stake Diagram
  • Stakes should be made of 1" cold rolled steel 30 " long.

  • Block should be of solid oak treated with creosote or other preservative.

  • Drill 15/16" diameter hole 7" deep & drive peg into block.

  • Drive "S" wedges into each end of block.

  • Lean stakes 3" toward each other.

  • Stakes should be 14" above cement slab.

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