River Conditions Reporting Form
(ie. Water levels, floatability, clarity, obstructions, etc.)

What is your name?
What is your e-mail address?
Which river are you reporting on (Current River, Jacks Fork or Eleven Point River)?
Which stretch or portion of the river are you reporting on (ie. Baptist Access to Cedar Grove)?
What date(s) did you visit the river?
Was the river clear, murky or muddy (and) was the river high or low?
If you floated, did you drag your canoe due to low water (and) how full was your canoe?
Would you recommend this portion of the river for floating right now?
Report any additional river condition details below (ie. Obstructions, Litter, etc.):

All submitted river reports will be posted on the MSR message forum and MSR Facebook group within 24 hours.

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