Pulltite Spring

Current River Springs

Montauk Springs - *Mile Marker 0.0* At the headwaters of the Current River.

Medlock Spring - *Mile Marker 12.6*

Welch Spring - *Mile Marker 13.7* ------>(6th largest spring in the state) Also, click HERE and HERE to see a photo of an enterance (CLOSED) to the Welch Spring Cave via water from where Welch Spring flows out from under a cliff. Please don't wade in the spring water. This can affect the spring life habitat. See pictures of the main enterance to Welch Cave on that cave page HERE.

Cave Spring & Devils Well - *Mile Marker 21.9* - Cave Spring video here.

Pulltite Spring - *Mile Marker 26.2* - Also visit PulltiteSpring.com

Fire Hydrant Spring - *Mile Marker 26.4*

Round Spring - *Mile Marker 35.2*

Ebb And Flow Spring - *Mile Marker 52.1* "Some rather small springs, like Ebb and Flow pictured here on the Current River, vary in flow on a time table unrelated to rainfall or barometric pressure. This spring was timed for two hours, and went from low to high flow about every 30 minutes. Each time it rose, it came to the same level as previously. Scientists are uncertain what causes the periodicity. Some think it exemplifies a siphon-based "fill/flush" cycle (similar to flushing a toilet with a bucket of water). --Jo Schaper"

Blue Spring - *Mile Marker 61.0* - Video

Big Spring - *Mile Marker 90.2* -----> (Largest Spring in the state, and it just happens to be on the Current River.)

Jacks Fork Springs

Blue Spring - *Mile Marker 9.6* Also, click here.

Rymer Spring (also called Ebb and Flow Spring) - *Mile Marker 15.9*

Alley Spring - *Mile Marker 31.0* -----> (7th largest spring in the state) - Also visit AlleySpring.com

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