Washers Game Construction Plans
(Octagon Style #3)

Here's a third set of octagon "Missouri Style" washers pitching game plans using a PVC pipe for the center. For the washers pitching game plans square style #1, go here. If you like to play fun yard games such as Cornhole toss, Bean bag toss, horseshoes or hillbilly horsehoes (Ladder Golf), then love this lawn, yard, camping game too. See the basic rules on how to play the washers pitching game here. Enjoy!

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Washers Pitching Game Plans (Style #3 - Octagon)

A second set of "text" plans for the octagonal washers game is as follows:

"Cut 16 pcs(2x4) at 6 1/2" miter both sides at 22.8 degrees use brad gun (and wood glue) to make form(use palmsander to clean up angles)place form on sheet of 1/2"plywood trace outside,cut w/jig saw(before attaching plywood,place form on your outdoor carpet and trace the inside)screw plywood on, sand,stain,seal.-glue pvc in center cut hole in carpet and attach to plywood w/ velcro tabs."

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