Washers Game Construction Plans
(Square Style #1)

I couldn't find these washers game plans online so that visitors to my TossingGames.com website could build a set themselves, so I decided to make a quick page to help everyone out. Here are the items needed to construct this very popular outdoor yard and camping game. This is washers game style #1. For the square washers game style #2 using a coffee can for the center vice a PVC pipe, click here. So, if you like to play fun yard games such as Cornhole toss, Bean bag toss, horseshoes or hillbilly golf (Ladder Golf), then with the below supplies + the provided pictures, you should be able to build yourself a quick washer toss game set and be playing the game in no time. See the basic washers game rules on how to play here. Enjoy!

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  • (28 to 36) 1 1/4" wood screws (minimum of 4 screws on the back, but you can put a maximum of 8 on the back for better durability)

  • (4) 13" cut 2x4's

  • (4) 16" cut 2x4's

  • (1) carrying handle (see side pic below)

  • (2) 16"x16" pieces of imitation golf green (The edges of this will go between the 2x4's and the plywood backing.)

  • (2) 16"x16" cut 1/2" thick plywood

  • (2) 4" long cut 4 1/2" diameter PVC pipes

  • (6) 2" O.D. (outer diameter) 7/8" I.D. (inner diameter) tossing (w a s h e r s) (Paint 3 one color and 3 another color)

  • (1) 3 1/4" bolt (1/2 threaded), bore a 1" hole in the center of each back side for it to go through each side of the games for carrying.

  • (1) Nut

  • (2) 2 7/8" I.D. (w a s h e r s) for the bolt


Game Front Camping Game Front-Center Yard Game Back Outdoor Game Back-Center Yard Game Side

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