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1A) Any recommendations on where to rent a cabin?

2A) Does anyone know of a nice place to rent a cabin? I would like a view or the river if possible and away from town.


1C) We're trying to figure out the best way to reserve a campground at Pulltite. Any suggestions?

2C) What's the best place to primitve camp on one of the rivers?

3C) What is your favorite campground on the Current River and why?

4C) Does anyone have any campground suggestions for camping on the Current river or Jack's Fork with kids?

5C) What's a good campground for a family that will have things for 8 & 15 yr old boys to do when we're not floating? And good showers for Mom?

6C) I am looking for a recommendation on a secluded campsite ON the Current River or Jack's Fork?

7C) We'll be floating from Akers to Pulltite in a canoe. Don't know where we're camping at either, any suggestions?

8C) Has anyone any suggestions on anywhere to stay that isn't a quiet campground besides Circle B on the Jacks Fork or Jasons Place Campground near the Current River for a group of 10 people?

9C) Does anyone know how they indentify the MDC float camps on eleven point river?

10C) Need help finding riverfront campsites along one of the rivers. Suggestions?

11C) Need help on a group campsite off the Current River. We will be floating Pulltite to Round Springs. Suggestions?

12C) Any advice/suggestions on Jasons Place Campground?

13C) Are there any primitive campgrounds that you can drive to on the upper Current River?


1F) I have been advised you will be fined for entering any caves. Is this true?

2F) Are there any caves along the Eleven Point River, and if so where?


1H) Does anyone have any good fishing tips between Cedar Grove and Two Rivers on the Current River?

2H) We are headed down to Alley Spring on the Jacks Fork. Any advice on what type of lures to use/not use?

FISHING REPORTS: Eleven Point River - (regs.) / Jacks Fork - (regs.) / Current River - (regs.) / Montauk State Park - (regs.)


1I) What do you recommend for a first timers all nighter?

2I) Curious which river/stream system would be good for a 2-3 day camp canoe trip for fishing and getting away from people?

3I) We'd like to experience the Current and Jack's Fork. We'd be interested in some overnight trips. What works best for us is to get on the water around noon Saturday, float, camp, and head back home early afternoon Sunday. Suggestions?

4I) Planning an early June Float trip. Looking to do the upper Jack's fork. We usually camp out of the canoes. Any advise or expertise?

5I) Can you show me what a 44 mile float camping trip from Eminence (Jacks Fork) to Big Springs (lower Current River) would be like?


1K) Bringing my two teens down for a one day floating or canoeing adventure. We've never been. Where do people recommend?

2K) What would be a one day float on Jack's Fork for a Friday and short one day float for Saturday?

3K) I've paddled the current for many years, for ten years leading 5 day trips with groups of teens. It's been a few years and I want to take my 7 and 4 year old on a day trip in my old Explorer. Soliciting suggestions for which section?

4K) Has anyone floated or fished Sinking Creek?

5K) Our big group has decided that we will be staying at Jason's Place campground and we will be doing a long float from Baptist Camp to Aker's! I've never done this trip before. Any suggestions or advice?

6K) Have never floated above Akers Ferry. Looking for the most scenic parts of the Current, meaning bluffs and caves. Suggestions?

7K) I'm looking to get some advice on the Upper Jacks and Upper Current to see what you would consider floatable?

8K) What is the highest point you can put in on the Current?

9K) Any thoughts for put in/take outs for a one day float on the upper Jacks Fork?

10K) I've been planning for our first Eleven Point float. I am looking at Turners Mill to Riverton. We are trying to cut of the 5 miles from Greers crossing. Is anyone familiar with accessing Turners Mill by road? Is it easier to get to the South or North access? The Forest Service site gives good directions to the North and it seems to be a 9 mile drive on gravel roads. Any idea how far off hwy 19 to the South access? Gravel roads or any part of it paved (hwy AA)? Is there camping at the South? Is there safe parking (above river level if the water rises) at either South or North?

11K) First time floating either the Current or Jacks Fork with my wife...which would be the best choice for a late May 5-day float?

12K) Haven't floated in over 30 years and we need to know a good place to put in and take out on the upper Current River and who to get in touch with to haul our kayaks back to our jeep?

13K) Where's the best stretch to take a winter float with snow on the ground?

14K) My friends and I have been interested in floating the Eleven Point River. Any suggestions? What is the class level?

15K) We are looking at floating the Eleven Point River this weekend. Any recommendations on floats and campgrounds?


1M) I'm a Rocky Mountain boy from WY/CO, but am planning a trip over to MO for the opening week of turkey hunting season. I'm hoping there are a few die hard turkey hunters that might be willing to provide a Rocky Mountain boy some insight and thoughts on finalizing a MO Ozark float turkey hunt plan?


1P) Where are the best areas on the Current River for just lounging on the banks?

2P) Can you buy tubes down there?

3P) We are going to the Current this weekend (on one of our many floats) and I was made aware within this last year that there are wild horses. I would love to take my kids to see these horses. Does anyone know where they usually are?

4P) Can you be in 3 different Missouri counties on the Current River?

5P) Where does Dent Count and Shannon County Missouri divide the upper Current River?

6P) What happened to the old dumpster that was sunk in the middle of the upper Current River?

7P) Is there a site out there that tells you how many people have drowned on the rivers?

8P) Can you buy tubes down there?

9P) What was your best river find on a Missouri Scenic River?

10P) I love some good crawfish. Gonna put in at Cedar Grove and go to Two Rivers. Any suggestions on where and how to get them?

11P) Are there any Mountain Lions, Black Bears or even Bigfoots along any of the Missouri Scenic Rivers?

12P) Is Rocky Falls on the Jacks Fork?

13P) How many park rangers are there in the ONSR?


1R) Who's a good one to call for shuttling a vehicle from Akers to Doniphan?

2R) What's Pulltite's phone # and will they shuttle my dog?

3R) What businesses rent KAYAKS in the middle Current river area? like around Van Buren?

4R) We are looking into camping at Jason's Place ...do they rent canoes there and shuttle you?

5R) I want to float down to Riverton on the Eleven Point. Who is best to get to drive my truck down to to Riverton?

6R) Planning on taking out at Akers Ferry, is the take out pretty easy to back a small trailer up to?

7R) Is there a shuttle from Two Rivers up to Akers or should we plan on leaving a vehicle at Two Rivers?

8R) Which outfitter on the Jacks Fork will service Jam Up Cave?

9R) I would like to take my own canoe on the river. I called an outfitter today to get a price on shuttling me after my float (or before). They quoted me $80.00. At that price it's cheaper for me to rent their canoe. Is there a better way to do this?

10R) Are there any zip lines on or near the Current River or Jacks Fork?

TIP: To assist others, in October 2013, I had started this shuttle rate database. Click here.


1T) What are the alcohol rules on the Current river?

2T) What are the river restrictions?


1V) What is the best river stretch and why?

2V) How does the Jacks Fork compare to the Eleven Point River?

3V) What is your single favorite Missouri Scenic Rivers section (VOTE)?

4V) What is your favorite Missouri Scenic River (VOTE)?

5V) What is your favorite month to float a Missouri Scenic River (VOTE)?


1X) I'm thinking of going down to the 11point and want to try something different. Does anyone know what a minimum level would be to put in at Cane Bluff or Thomasville?

2X) How are the rivers towards the end of June?

3X) What are the river levels on the rivers right now?


1Y) Does anyone know much about Big Spring and Big Spring Park south of VanBuren? If we drive over there is it easy access to the spring? Can you wade/swim in it?

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